Another Fun Title by Janet Halfmann

Who Is Singing? By Janet Halfmann, Illustrated by Chrissy Chabot. Pen It! Publications, LLC, U.S.A 2021

“Cheer-o-lee, cheer up! Who is singing? Take a Bow, Robin, hopping on the ground hunting earthworms. Cheer-o-lee, cheer-up!”

The first page of Who is Singing, depicts a robin singing on a branch and then pulling an earthworm out of the ground. Each full-page spread is another familiar – and not so familiar – bird. Young children may see cardinals, blue Jays, goldfinches, and chickadees in their yard or a nearby park, but catbirds, killdeer, and ovenbirds may be new to them.

The vibrant colors of the illustrations are sure to attract young children. One enthusiastic five-year-old said, “I like the pictures!”

Who is Singing is a delightful first bird guidebook for the little ones. The  colorful pictures are sure to attract preschoolers and the simple text with bird sounds will add to the fun of reading. Notes at the end of the book are educational for adults and children alike. Did you know that some scientists think birds dream about singing and may even silently practice while sleeping? A final note points out that the sounds in the book may not be the way the reader hears birds. Halfmann suggests, “This book uses fun words and sounds for bird songs to make them easier to recognize. But not everyone hears bird songs the same. Try coming up with your own words and sounds for the bird songs you hear.”

Janet Halfmann has been prolific in writing books that are perfect for the youngest children. She has also written non-fiction picture books for older kids that showcase little known or overlooked heroes of history. Small business Saturday is comig up November 27th. Look for her books at your favorite independant bookstore.









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